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Thanks to Swansea YMCA

We had a massive grey wall, very dull and unattractive, until YMCA came along and we worked together to deliver a large community mural. We gave a lovely big public canvas over to the YMCA and with their skilled team, of staff and young people, created something special for the High Street responding to the idea of “From The Station To The Sea”. This would be the first time some of the young people’s artwork would be on display, not only that, by taking part they achieved certified credits.

Here are the before and after photographs, if you would like to see more photos of the mural taking shape click here.

empty wall



Thanks to Swansea BID

A Place isn’t just about the people who are there in the day time, but also the nighttime. One space can have many different personalities at different times of the day, and sometimes even the time of year.

What can we do for the High Street at night? The street already has a 24 hour convenience shop, restaurants, casinos, and pubs. However about something outside? Something more visually interesting, something that changes?

An outdoor cinema? What a great idea! Thank you to Swansea BID who have sponsored this event and without them it would be impossible.

Invested, tested and ready to roll. Introducing the newest addition to Swansea High Street, a silent cinema. Tell us what you want to watch on the outdoor screen by emailing

Outdoor Cinema

Silent Cinema

Thanks to Charterbrook

Charterbrook signs is based in Swansea enterprise park creating specialist signs and printing large high quality images.

They donated a stack of clear perspex which were off-cuts from jobs that were destined for the scrapheap, we saved them and used them as small windows. These windows were ways of making the space on the High Street more inclusive and accessible. The wooden hoarding acted as a barrier before, an area that was not part of the High Street. Previous rubbish and beer bottles were throw over the top of the hoarding, which is a clear indicator of what people felt towards the empty space. However since we have opened the doors and let people be a part of what is happening, the rubbish is no longer thrown over the hoarding and instead people are seen peering in through these wonderful donated windows.


We even cut the windows at different heights, so that everyone can look inside, short and tall, young and old.


If you want to try this yourself with hoarding that is creating a barrier in the community, we suggest that the windows you create are too small to get an adult clenched fist into the gap. Our larger windows were unfortunately knocked out, and after repairing them twice we decided to stick to the letterbox sized windows. If you are unable to get off-cuts of clear perspex then you can always use chicken wire or an alternative garden mesh. Although please be aware that this mesh will allow for small objects to be pushed through.

Thanks to Forest School

Forest School really know how to have fun, they spent a whole 3 days showing us how much fun a collection of branches and logs are. They did many clever little tricks and by the end of it we had a functional and fun woodland area on Swansea High Street.

Thank you so much for sharing your skills and creating a space where kids can really have a laugh and get messy – anyone hungry for mud pies?