Dynamix Consultation in Dyfatty

One word to describe how High Street is now:
• Scruffy
• Depressing
• Deserted
• Makes me feel angry
• Needs a lick of paint
• Intimidating
• Rough
• Deplorable
• Nowhere to eat in the evenings
• Finished at 5.30
• Getting worse
• Lack of choice
• Too many empty buildings
• Not nice
• Improving (there is something in the Old Iceland building now)

One word to describe how you would like High Street to be:
• Welcoming x 2
• Thriving
• Lots of small businesses
• Lively evenings
• Mix of sizes of businesses
• Friendly x 2
• Inviting
• Like it was years ago
• Looking better / nice
• Smarter
• Busy
• Making the most of its buildings
• Inspiring
• Restored (old buildings)

What would you like to see in the world’s best High Street?
• Bring back the Palace Theatre – put a bit of life up here (not Wind Street or the Kingsway).
• Look after the buildings, make them look nicer
• Old buildings restored and used for community projects
• Slacken the rules that make it hard to do up listed buildings
• More heritage – make more the links to the river
• Design that works with the heritage of the street
• Regeneration funding for shop fronts
• Get business leaders to advise on regeneration
• Fill up the empty buildings
• Could the council cut rates to help businesses?
• Get a few heavyweights on the street (eg M&S) to help footfall
• Back to the way it was years ago – variety of shops
• Like in the old photos – immaculate shop fronts, awnings, lots of business
• Choice
• Bring shopping back from the enterprise parks x2
• Better pubs
• Another café where you can sit outside
• Nightclub
• Better pubs not rough and run down
• Places people want to stop
• Green space
• Pedestrianized x 2
• Old bingo hall & Palace Theatre
• Less scary
• No druggies – the kids are scared of them x2
• Better buses – more frequent and on useful routes, better connections between buses, crossings not bridges
• Dial-a-ride

Other comments:
• Originally from Ireland, living in Townhill, been here 30 years
• Community Connections worker
• Lives in Earl Street, spent 30 years in London but is Welsh and this feels like home
• Grew up in St Thomas, always lived in Swansea, dad is Indian, looking for work
• Communities First worker, local person, local worker, regular user of High Street
• Family Housing tenant panel, ex-shop worker, Communities First Chair Plasmarl/Hafod, retired, USDAW chairman for 35 years, Labour Party member
• From Glasgow, here since he was a teenager, lives in Brynhyfryd, follows the Swans
• From Swansea, lives in Hafod
• Nearby Dyfatty, chef, 28 years in Swansea, own business, uses the community centre
• Welsh, moved away and came back, from Hafod
• Communities First volunteer, worked in building industry and 3rd sector


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