As part of a collaborative partnership, NIA has been tasked with organising and facilitating a one day a scoping workshop with the goal of engaging local stakeholders to explore together short, medium and long term ideas to regenerate Swansea High Street. The partnership is funded by the Arts Council for Wales as part of their IDEAS PEOPLE PLACES Project. It is an arts inspired program with the express goal – “To embed the arts in a genuine and meaningful way in a small number of imaginative, ambitious and innovative regeneration projects. In doing so we wish to explore new ways of working that generate cross sector collaboration, test new ideas and partnerships and inspire communities to re-imagine their environment in a creative and empowered way.”

VOLCANO and COASTAL HOUSING GROUP are working with a range of organisations, architects, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and artists to curate, transform and investigate a major new temporary social and cultural space immediately next door to Volcano’s High Street HQ. The idea of our research period is to realise, in a controlled microcosm, the aspiration that the High Street is not merely the forgotten rail entrance to the City but a destination that you can visit, interact with and enjoy. By examining the ways in which people engage with and respond to a series of changes, we want to provide evidence and ideas which will help change the manner in which regeneration projects are configured in Swansea, and pave the way for a second phase entailing a radical rethink of how art, regeneration and the built (and moving) environment interact.

Findings available to download as a pdf from here
Exercise number 1 – Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
Exercise number 2 – Five capitals (cultural capital, built capital, natural capital, social capital, financial capital)
Scoping workshop feedback
Short, medium and loud term measures



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