This is a project about the High Street. It is about a real place and an imagined one. It is about an idea of the High Street, and about the bricks and concrete and shutters and windows and signs and spaces that make up its tangible presence. It is about the lines and movements that connect one part of the City of Swansea to another, and about the barriers that separate them. It is about the people who live, work, move through or stop here, and about those who don’t if they can help it. It is about absentee landlords, traffic wardens and entrepreneurs. It is about facades and interiors and their use, disuse and abuse. It is about transience and permanence; about history, memory and dreams of the future. It is about where people have come from, where they hope to get to, and what might happen in between. It is about the railway station, the City and the sea.

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2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Hello, my name is Hilary Bryanston. I am a visual artist. I love walking around Swansea. In my dreams I can see the whole walk from the Station to the Sea closed to traffic. There are exciting stalls selling hand made things that are made by local people. There are people playing acoustic music on a bandstand. There is bunting. It is a festival day. Everyone is going to walk down to the beach to see the sandcastle competition & watch the puppet shows. At night there is a big party on the beach with everyone dancing.

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